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The Death Card of the Major Arcana
Senseless killing is wrong. Do so with humans only.
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13th-Apr-2011 06:58 am(no subject)
evil stare
I like it when the universe conspires to make things just a tad more convenient. We've found our first guinea pig.

And, strangely enough, she doesn't seem to mind tagging along with a group of murderers and sociopaths. She seems rather eager about the whole thing.

This should go well~
irritated but curious
Well, it seems I may have to burn down yet another laboratory of mine. This'll be the second time this month.

It's not like I was even the one who killed those girls, but oh well.
4th-Dec-2010 01:01 pm(no subject)
Meridiana's run away. She made a sheet ladder and climbed out of the window last night. She even cut off most of her own hair to aid her ability to escape.

Knowing her, and knowing that pesky Earl she's so infatuated with, here is my wager: she'll be back within forty-eight hours. With the Earl in tow.

And she will think that I won't be expecting them.
alone with my friends
Considering that the members of Delilah weren't exactly strict day-dwellers, he was surprised he hadn't gotten caught yet. Not that most would care, but Cassian certainly hadn't said anything, nor had the Cardmaster smugly asked what activities Jezebel might be up to every evening exactly at sunset. He wasn't sure his good fortune could last forever, but he was grateful it had held out as long as it had.

The room where Radu was attached by a staircase to Jezebel's laboratory at Delilah; he'd previously used it for storage but had cleared it out to make room for him. No one seemed to question why he was spending so much time at Delilah's headquarters when he'd had a separate hideout for keeping Meridiana, thankfully.

After locking the door to the laboratory and checking to see that no one else was there, he descended the stairs with a lantern in hand. "Radu?" he asked in a low voice.
dark and sulky
Short video clipCollapse )

Our murder witness should be no longer a source of concern within a few days; I snuck a needle with medication into one of his toys. I imagine he'll regain his senses soon. Considering Gilford Lauderdale is a spoiled, self-centered aristocrat who is about to lose his inheritence because of his madness and was being beaten daily by his own servants, I imagine he's going to have bigger things to worry about any "red ram"s he might have witnessed...and since his madness is what's about to cost him his title, I doubt he'll be mentioning to anyone that he met the devil in his basement.

Earl Cain has been sniffing around; he went to visit Meridiana's old home, though I doubt he learned much, since her mother is the one who's been, shall we say, keeping Meridiana "fed". Her grave was also dug up in the last night, which I doubt is a coincidence.

None of that would be bothersome if Meridiana hadn't run away to go see him. Cassian found her within an hour, but the change in her behavior is worrisome.

And even that would not be so very bad except I think that Earl Cain will not be off our trail anytime soon.

It seems that while collecting blood for Meridiana -- and only a day after the Card Master ordered us not to interfere with the Earl -- Meridiana's mother hacked Cain's fiancee into bits with an axe.

This is not going very well.
unhealthy brotherly love
Video: In which Jezebel's family issues start rearing their headCollapse )

This doesn't bode well. Earl Cain deliberately sought us out, and given his talent for nosiness, I have no doubt he's going to continue seeking us out. Especially now that he seems to have decided he's head over heels for Meridian. Good God.

I'm surprised by Meridiana. She continues to remain emotionless...except for when she's with Earl Cain. But she claims to be frightened of him.

Hmm. This isn't going to be quite so easy to keep up.

((The scene is abridged a little just to keep it from going on forever. Also, text colors are as follows: pink for Meridiana, red for Cain, green for Cassian, blue for Jezebel.))
26th-Oct-2010 09:53 am(no subject)
the gaze before the kill
There's been some slight hiccups along the road these last few days. A local nobleman's son witnessed, shall we say, the collecting of Meridiana's food? Somehow he managed to spot it even in a dark alleyway in Whitechapel.

Luckily for us, the witness in question is completely insane. He has the mentality of a seven year-old, so the most he's been able to tell anyone is that he saw a "red ram".

I'm having Cassian keep an eye on him for now. Perhaps further action may need to be taken.

Oh, and joy of joys: Meridiana, who has barely been able to muster the emotion to change expressions, had a nervous breakdown in the middle of her fortune-telling the other evening. Even better: she was reading the fortune of one Earl Cain Hargreaves, from my little jaunt into the town of vampires.

How very very curious.
13th-Oct-2010 07:42 pm(no subject)
annoyed complaining
Meridiana is still functioning perfectly, though she continues to not remember a single detail of her past. I am glad of that much.

Unfortunately, my superiors learned of her clairvoyance very likely by stealing my notes and have decided to use it for profit. They're advertising her as a psychic and scheduling her to make appearances at high-society parties. And I'll have to go with her to make sure she doesn't rot away.

Joy of joys. Instead of working in the lab, I have to rub elbows with nobles and pretend to care.

And even better, I've been given an assistant, it seems. Which, from experience, means he'll be reporting my every movement to my superiors. Lovely.

Also, it appears that he's twelve.


((Just letting you guys know: if anyone ever apps Cassian [the assistant, who is not actually twelve], I WILL ADORE YOU FOR THE REST OF TIME. Especially because he and Jezebel are so near-canonly a couple by the end that it is painful.))
10th-Oct-2010 08:07 pm(no subject)
oh ugh its you

[Alas, there is no voice message. It is a Victorian Era phone.]
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